Amazing Winter Decorating Ideas For The Living Room

As usual, the winter season brings cold weather conditions such as blowing of chilly breeze, formation of frost on the grass, snow formation and certain cold weather related ailments. Overcoming this type of weather requires prior preparations that can warm up your living room.


You have to create sufficient warmth in your living room that can compensate for the cold outside. The warmth in a living room creates a welcoming environment where all the family can stay together and engage in a meaningful activity such as reading etc. Below are some of the best ideas to make your living room friendly even if it is in winter.


#1. Ensure all the floors and windows are covered.

Using a thick rug to keep your floors warm not only provides warmth but also acts as a playing ground for kids to watch or play games. For your seating area, a single large rug is recommended. However, you can still use two smaller rugs to make the main living area. The best ideas to create a warm rug include using; a faux sheepskin, an animal print rug that is coated over a rug in solid color wool , a thick wool contained in a light neutral like warm based gray or tan and country style braided rug.


Windows should also e covered with thick drapes so as to cut off the cold breeze. The drapes should be made of fabrics that have enough texture to maintain warmth. If you want to economize on the window coverings, you can use a blanket (thick) attached to a curtain rod with clips. The colors of the coverings should be deep with naturally inspired tomes such as barn red, pumpkin orange, eggplant, navy blue and dark green.


#2 Put The Fireplace At The Centre Of Your Room

During the time of the winter especially at night, rearrange your seating area such that the fireplace stays at the room’s central point.


Even if your living room lacks an ideal fireplace, you can install an electric unit. When the unit is on, all the heat shall be blown into the living room by the fan and keep the whole room warm.


To enhance the styles of the fireplace, you can include tools such as black wrought iron, bronze or brass. It should be noted that an electric fireplace is safer and secure to a young family with children.


#3.Use Warm Fabrics

In order to keep all the winter cold away, you need to have wooly fabrics that are thick and made in nature inspired colors. Cover the bed with fabrics, fleece, flannel covers and heavy wool. Some of the most recommended colors include brown, wine, deep green, winter white and tan. Furthermore, you might also consider having a couple of thick blankets over the couch in order to enjoy the night while engaging in other activities such as watching a movie.


The above three methods have been in use since time memorial to beat winter cold in style. You can also join the group by putting them into practice and definitely, all those winter colds will never worry you again.


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