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Trending warm metal choices in bathroom fixtures

When it comes to design in bathrooms, there is really never a cut and paste approach because people have a different set of needs at each point in time. However, looking at the trends, we know for sure that warm metal choices are becoming quite the rage when it comes to choosing to bathroom fixtures. People have moved pat chrome and stainless steel and are becoming a little more stylish.

Here is a look at what is trending out there:


rustic-copper-lighting-willem-simonis-5The glint of copper is always a major pull factor when used in bathrooms. The materials reflects off other surfaces and creates a sense of style and appeal whenever used in bathrooms. Copper can be used as a standalone fixture most of the time. If you are feeling a little adventurous, simply mix and match it with another utility. You will find that one of the biggest perks to using copper is that it is easy to clean and generally requires the use of water rather than strong detergents when it comes to the cleaning process. Avoid the harsher chemicals at all times.

Go with gold

Many of us know that gold has been with us for a long time. This is why the idea of using gold water faucets or showers might seem like a throwback to the 90’s.The thing is, gold has been making a slow comeback over time and the time is now ripe for its use. Always focus on sharper surfaces when it comes to gold. In addition, remember that with this precious metal, caution is important. You do not want to overdo things as too much glint makes the bathroom seem tasteless and the owner out of touch. Avoid using gold as the focal point in a room as it takes attention off everything else.

Throw in a smattering of Bronze

One of the biggest advantages of Bronze is that it tends to look better with age. Once it has been in use for a long time, the staining kind of deepens and comes off as beautiful. As indicated, just a smattering of bronze helps in this regard as the intent is to harmonize the features of your bathroom while avoiding looking amateurish and enthusiastic.

Use brassBrass-Light-Fixture-Roundup-thumb

For a long time, brass has been the most standout choice of material for bathroom fixtures. It simply never grows old, and this is set to continue into the foreseeable future. Brass is known for its sense of durability and has been proven to last the test of time. It also has a polished outlook that makes a bathroom look royal and way out of the ordinary. In order to help this material stand out in its place, contrast it with heavy hues so that it kind of pops from the rest of the items in the room.

Before you start working with bronze, you need to understand that it requires a lot of maintenance to keep that sheen on. In addition to that, always read instructions very carefully and use the recommended cleaners only.

Benefits of buying a rug pad for your rug

Those who have bought a rug recently might not know the importance of going back to the market and grabbing a pad for it, but this action has a number of benefits in the long term. By definition, pads are an investment most people do not know about but the few who do have made good use of.

Here is a look at the benefits of purchasing a rug pad for your new rug:

Makes it easy to clean your rug

r-hardwoWhen dirt hits your rug, it sort of seeps through to the floor and makes its way back to the rug. If you have a rug pad, then the dirt will go through the rug and settle within the pad, which is extremely porous and absorbs all kinds of dirt and spills. The result is very little dirt on the rug and floor and plenty on the pad, which is very easy to clean due to its design. They can actually be washed by machines and are cheap enough if you ever consider your stained piece beyond saving.

Saves you from the rigors and mold

Mold and mildew have a habit of growing in places you least expect them to appear. Those who use rugs without pads run the risk of having these things grow in the area between the floor and the rug. Most homeowners have had to contend with the prospect of buying new units because the existing ones have been ruined by mold. Mildew has also been known as very harmful to both human and pet life. With a rug pad, your rug gets the opportunity to breathe within its resting place on the floor, meaning that the two mentioned above have absolutely no chance of growing.

Lengthening the lifespan of your rug

A rug that has been placed directly against the floor is victim to friction between its inner surface and the floor. All the scrubbing and moving will in time cause wear and tear within around half the time the rug is supposed to live. A pad creates a buffer between the rug and the floor and allows your unit to absorb very little friction, which in turn lengthens its life span.

Making your living area safe

A lot of rugs bought out there are alarmingly slippery. This is especially dangerous for kids, pets and the elderly. Slips can cause all sorts of injuries and have actually been known to cause fatal effects on victims. Rug pads serve to create a little bit of stability on top of your floor, which means a high level of safety for you and your family.

Protecting your floor

Holman+Rug+PadRough rugs have a tendency to scratch and ruin your floor. A pad sort of insulates the surface of your floor from all these scratches and ensures that you do not need to buy those expensive grouts just six months after having them laid down.

If you are looking to buy a rug pad, always look for a size bigger than the rug itself. This gives you a little wriggle room in case you want to cut it by a few inches to fit in the required area.

Great Eco-Friendly Ideas For Your Home

A house should be our sanctuary, away from the chaos of the world. However, we bring a lot of poisonous things and pollution in our homes without our knowledge. It is also possible that it is not what comes in that affects the quality of air but the things living with you.

1 out of 8 deaths according to WHO (World Health Organization) is as a result of exposure to air pollution. Fortunately enough, it is quite simple to go green in your home by making small changes for a big difference. The following are extra advantages of having an eco-friendly home environment:

1. Eco-friendly homes are cheaply or freely available.

Homeowners who go green save a lot of money by recycling materials that already exist. Opting for furniture that has no finishes is cheap and avoids presence of chemicals. Use of natural materials, sunlight for lighting and plants in your home is low in cost or even free of charge.

2. Going green in your home is stylish

Minimalism that is orderly is very attractive. Bare floors, traditional wooden furniture looks original and contemporary.

3. Low maintenance cost

Natural and long lasting materials or furniture are simple to clean or maintain. For instance, living without a floor carpet means you stay free from dust allergies. If you have it, you will not avoid maintenance costs such as vacuuming daily.

Listed here are 9 eco-friendly home ideas.

1. Use of Plantsindoor-herb-garden

Adding plants in your living space ensures that you have a filter for toxins produced by most many products which are synthetic in nature.

They make the air fresh by taking in carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. The toxic heavy metals are taken in deep in the plant and so they are not in the air you breathe in.

A herb garden can be your best option since it can be used as food for consumption and air filter.

2. Opt for textiles and floor coverings that are natural

When you go natural, you avoid off-gassing of synthetic products. Please note that off-gassing does not have to produce odor. You would go for woolen, jute or sisal rugs for texture and design.

3. Have a preference for retro or vintage furniture

Buying new home furniture may mean dealing with off-gassing in the future. Fortunately, recycled or vintage furniture hardly produces chemicals because it probably off-gassed any chemical it had a long time ago and so it is usually toxic free.

4. Go for paints that low-Voc

Paint on the walls can be highly toxic. Fortunately, you can easily find some of them that contain minimum chemicals and yet they are affordable. Let your apartment air out for some days before you move in. Some low Voc paint options include: Olympic zero-VOC, low-odor ICON piant, Dunn-Edwards zero-VOC Eco-shield paints and Benjamin Moore Eco-Spec paints.

Use Alternative Materials such as glass, steel, stone and bamboo. Avoid wood if you can for it is a big VOC offender. The mentioned materials need little maintenance. You can use them on walls, cabinets, floors, counters among other surfaces.

5. Use curtains for temperature control

Window treatments are good at blocking out cold and retaining heat during cold seasons. Moreover, window treatments add a good elent of design to your space.

6. Avoid wall to wall carpet flooring

A new carpet is highly toxic and is about 4-pc off-gassing which irritates your central nervous system as well as your eyes and your respiratory tracts. If you can, opt for other natural flooring materials such as stone, tile, wood, concrete or bamboo.

7. Apply ventilationdesign-ventilation

Sealing your home with windows is energy efficient but it may prevent toxins from escaping. Try as much as possible to open doors and windows for good air circulation even during cold seasons.

8. Opt for certified materials when it comes to furniture

Look for certification when buying furniture even when you see the eco-friendly label. If you really have to choose wood, opt for rainforest alliances little green frog seal on furniture. Alternatively, you can buy FSC certified products.

9. Be careful with your candles

Avoid cheap candles for some of them are made of petroleum or any metal added to the wick to keep it upright while burning. Some scented candles use poor quality fragrances. They therefore emit volatile organic compounds that are toxic. Choose the ones made of essential oils and the fragrances are of the best quality.

Utilize these eco-friendly home ideas to help you make informed decisions. Go green today for good health and comfortable livimg.

Tips On Giving Your Home Office A Modern And Stylish Look

Many homeowners prefer dedicating a special room to carry out their work-related tasks. When setting up a home office, you will need to design it with regard to your workspace needs. It is possible to create a perfect home office space and be sure to utilize it to the maximum. Are you planning to set up the perfect space to handle your work easily from home? Here are some quick ideas to help you out.

1. Envision The Layout

Before you start with the design of the office, you will need to picture how it would look. You will obviously require a desk to manage your work, but a seating area might also be necessary. Probably, you might need to hold meetings with clients in the future. Also, family members might need some quite time, and the seating area could play that huge role. Picturing how you would want the office to look will help you decide on what you will include, and what isn’t necessary.

natural-home-office-wallpaper2. Go Neutral

This touches on the color you intend to paint in the office. You should always keep in mind that the color you choose will affect the working environment. Some choose yellow, which brightens the space and draws attention. Conversely, others go for blue, which is known to create a soothing working environment.

Ideally, choose colors that are neutral enough to keep you focused on your work, and also deliver worthy emotional responses. It shouldn’t be too bright to distract you or too dull to create a boring mood.

3. Integrate Storage Options

A tidy and well-organized space also help to create a conducive working environment. Nonetheless, this is a challenge to many, especially the heavy-loaded paperwork jobs. To solve this challenge, you can add some storage solutions into your home office. If you have enough space, you could install some built-ins or set up a portable cabinet to help store the documents and keep your desk clean. Alternatively, you can install some open shelves in the space. Open shelves will help with the storage, but they also act as décor options in the office.

4. An Alfresco Touch

Another way to modernize your home office design is by bringing in the outdoors. This touches on the natural light or indoor-friendly plants. Natural light also helps to enhance the morale and productivity. To do this, choose a room that enjoys the natural light without the need for a lamp. Also, place the desk near the window to avoid partial darkness.

5. Personalize The Space

Even though this is a professional space that you will use for your work-related assignments, you still need to make it as personal as possible. Personalization of the home office helps to boost your working mood. If there are some décor aspects, you would love to add, throw them in where necessary. If you have a special wall art piece at home, bring it in the office space as well. d551ed4d0fad58ad_5024-w500-h666-b0-p0--traditional-home-office

As you are planning to design the office space to have a modern and chic look, always remember the main objective of the space. It is a home office for handling your job-related stuff, so do not decorate it too much that it loses its meaning. Keep in mind that fresh plants are great mood enhancers in the space.

Spacious small living rooms

Symmetry-in-a-small-living-roomFor a small living room to look spacious, strategies that trick the eye have to be developed to make the living rooms look bigger. Properly developed strategies can help in making great transformations of an area that feels cramped up into one that feels cozy and comfortable. The dicorations should be in a manner that maximise light and space and consider how to use color, scale and weight. This can bring out some difference.
Trying out new things is intresting. For a small space, the routine ideas about living room decor are not the best of options. Instead of using blinds on the windows, long, flowing drapes are the solution since they draw attention to vertical space expanding the area in the room.
A living room, no matter its size should serve as an a rea of relaxation and entertainment. These are some of the nice tips you can use to make a living room feel more spacious.

Effects from mirrors
Mirrors, strategically placed have often been used in small rooms to make them look larger. Hanging a large mirror at a central point in a small living room to create a focal point is a common practice in small living rooms. To reflect light and create a dazzling outlook in a room, place the mirror behind a source of light like candles or pendant lamps.You can also develope an illusion about another window by placing a mirrior across a window if achievable.

Atrract the eyes upwards
Rooms have both vertical and horizontal dimensions. A beautiful outlook can be developed from the extra space that exist in rooms with high ceiling. Proper dicorations of the space will help in creating a glamour that will atrract the eyes up. Using stylish floor-to-ceiling drapes will help achieve this.
Another technique that can be applied is tacking up the vertical space with tiny to midle size artwork. This will create a feeling of an increased size of a room than it actually is.This happens because the eyes are attracted above its natural levels in a room where they are almost always confined.

Neutral living room colors
The colors on the walls, floor and furniture in a small living room should be neutral to help create an effect of a large room. It is one of the commonly used practices. White palatte or beiges make the walls appear like they are pushed back. Sleek hues reflect light nicely illuminating the rooms. This does not only help in creating space but it also helps in creating a cool environment with the nice color effects.

fe8e4e8d30bc5cb8056a1da80887dcfcSleek,minimal furniture
While shoppiong, the sizes, visual weght and colors of the furniture for a small living room should be a matter of keen intrest. The best options are pieces with light weight appearance and design which will create the required space. Havier pieces will cause unwanted congestion that we are trying to eliminate.
Pale colors have advantage over dark ones. Pick the pieces with legs and avoid those that look boxy. Glass cofee tables or end tables occupy a less visual space than wooden tables since they are transparent. They help in making a living room look more spaciuos since they dont obstruct views.

Small scale furniture option
The strategies on making small living room look spacious would not be superbly complete without the best options on furniture that will not have dominion over space in the living room. A sofa should in this case have thin arms and its back tightiy upholsterd as oppossed to one with bulky arms and multi-cushion back.
Considering the omount of space, one can completly do away with the couch. A loveseat or four chairs around a cofee table can be provide a brilliant solution. The selected chairs should be armless to save space that would be occupied by those models with arms.