Excellent Lighting Trends to Look Out For

The lighting of a home plays a critical role in boosting the architectural ambience. It is for this reason that the trends are always dynamic; just like fashion. To this end, injecting some life into your home can be as simple as great light fixtures. Below is a list of excellent ideas that are simple enough for anyone to implement. They are trends as predicted by the leading industry stakeholders. Leading retailers in the market are some of the major trendsetters in the industry. You do not need to part with an arm or a leg to enjoy these looks for your home as you will discover below; they are simple and available.

15205-spacious-planners-photo-1-121. Refined industrial look

Trendsetters have been very keen on this new trend that is taking over. It is composed of a refined or upgraded industrial touch in addition to lamps. This trend is inspired by both warehouse and contemporary refinements to deliver a rich look. This is according to the press release of a leading home design company. In this regard, go for the modern industrial lighting that comes with rich tones with uncommon or alternative metals. This unique trend promises to last a few years because it is being received with utmost optimism. It is easy to incorporate into your home lighting system.

2. Malleable trend

This malleable metals look has been fronted by 2Moderns which is a leading modern home retailer. It is a 2016 trend that employs malleable pendant or chandelier. This retailer is customizing the look to suit the needs of individual clients. It is an exciting collection to say the least. This trend is expected to last a couple of years. Trendy products include Moois Heracleum or Rich Brilliant Palindrome Chanderlier as illustrated.

3. Color-play trend

Lighting trends in 2016 going forward have employed color-play dynamics to deliver different shades for different moods. According to Ingo Schaer of Interior Deluxe, customers are always looking for customizable looks in addition to high quality products. The crystal table lamp by Qis Design has delivered on this; because it changes from white to a much warmer tone depending on the user’s needs. High end retailers are offering a wide array of color options to the delight of many.

4. A geometrical approach

Geometric fixtures for lighting are in right now and according to Bellacor, this trend is not going away soon. The key to attaining this look is simplicity. The modern and classic can marry together for a versatile look. In this regard, this trend can transform your interiors in the way you want retaining minimalist aesthetic appeal.

lotus-lamp-by-hansong-kim25. Lighting inspired by nature

Nature as an inspiration for lighting design is enormously rich. From plants and leaf motifs to nature colors, this trend is hot. This approach adds life to bare spaces while challenging contemporary and many times cold styles. The Trend Forum at the Messe Frankfurt Light and Building show in Germany forecasted this trend. The forum is a trendsetter where lighting and building are concerned and designers to retailers and architects are always keen to know what will trend next.

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