Great Eco-Friendly Ideas For Your Home

A house should be our sanctuary, away from the chaos of the world. However, we bring a lot of poisonous things and pollution in our homes without our knowledge. It is also possible that it is not what comes in that affects the quality of air but the things living with you.

1 out of 8 deaths according to WHO (World Health Organization) is as a result of exposure to air pollution. Fortunately enough, it is quite simple to go green in your home by making small changes for a big difference. The following are extra advantages of having an eco-friendly home environment:

1. Eco-friendly homes are cheaply or freely available.

Homeowners who go green save a lot of money by recycling materials that already exist. Opting for furniture that has no finishes is cheap and avoids presence of chemicals. Use of natural materials, sunlight for lighting and plants in your home is low in cost or even free of charge.

2. Going green in your home is stylish

Minimalism that is orderly is very attractive. Bare floors, traditional wooden furniture looks original and contemporary.

3. Low maintenance cost

Natural and long lasting materials or furniture are simple to clean or maintain. For instance, living without a floor carpet means you stay free from dust allergies. If you have it, you will not avoid maintenance costs such as vacuuming daily.

Listed here are 9 eco-friendly home ideas.

1. Use of Plantsindoor-herb-garden

Adding plants in your living space ensures that you have a filter for toxins produced by most many products which are synthetic in nature.

They make the air fresh by taking in carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. The toxic heavy metals are taken in deep in the plant and so they are not in the air you breathe in.

A herb garden can be your best option since it can be used as food for consumption and air filter.

2. Opt for textiles and floor coverings that are natural

When you go natural, you avoid off-gassing of synthetic products. Please note that off-gassing does not have to produce odor. You would go for woolen, jute or sisal rugs for texture and design.

3. Have a preference for retro or vintage furniture

Buying new home furniture may mean dealing with off-gassing in the future. Fortunately, recycled or vintage furniture hardly produces chemicals because it probably off-gassed any chemical it had a long time ago and so it is usually toxic free.

4. Go for paints that low-Voc

Paint on the walls can be highly toxic. Fortunately, you can easily find some of them that contain minimum chemicals and yet they are affordable. Let your apartment air out for some days before you move in. Some low Voc paint options include: Olympic zero-VOC, low-odor ICON piant, Dunn-Edwards zero-VOC Eco-shield paints and Benjamin Moore Eco-Spec paints.

Use Alternative Materials such as glass, steel, stone and bamboo. Avoid wood if you can for it is a big VOC offender. The mentioned materials need little maintenance. You can use them on walls, cabinets, floors, counters among other surfaces.

5. Use curtains for temperature control

Window treatments are good at blocking out cold and retaining heat during cold seasons. Moreover, window treatments add a good elent of design to your space.

6. Avoid wall to wall carpet flooring

A new carpet is highly toxic and is about 4-pc off-gassing which irritates your central nervous system as well as your eyes and your respiratory tracts. If you can, opt for other natural flooring materials such as stone, tile, wood, concrete or bamboo.

7. Apply ventilationdesign-ventilation

Sealing your home with windows is energy efficient but it may prevent toxins from escaping. Try as much as possible to open doors and windows for good air circulation even during cold seasons.

8. Opt for certified materials when it comes to furniture

Look for certification when buying furniture even when you see the eco-friendly label. If you really have to choose wood, opt for rainforest alliances little green frog seal on furniture. Alternatively, you can buy FSC certified products.

9. Be careful with your candles

Avoid cheap candles for some of them are made of petroleum or any metal added to the wick to keep it upright while burning. Some scented candles use poor quality fragrances. They therefore emit volatile organic compounds that are toxic. Choose the ones made of essential oils and the fragrances are of the best quality.

Utilize these eco-friendly home ideas to help you make informed decisions. Go green today for good health and comfortable livimg.

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