How to Protect Your Area Rugs and Surface Floor from Damage

Without proper care, area rugs and hard surface floors are prone to damage but you could prevent this potential hazard by fitting-in a non-slip under pad. How do you choose the right pad for your rug? The following tips will help you get the right rug.

rug-pad-11. Before you buy the pad, take the width and length measurements of your rug. Please note that these measurements DO NOT include the fringes of the rug. The store you purchase from could have rugs already cut or alternatively, they could cut yours to the size you desire. To get the correct size, make sure that you have your rug’s measurements when you go shopping.

2. Decide where to buy the rug. As you might be aware, rugs come in a wide range of varieties of quality and the best person to advise you on the best store to purchase from should be you trusted area rug cleaner. Your area rug cleaner will be able to tell you not only where to shop but also the quality of rug to go. Having done this before, he or she will already know the brand names that are trusted. The ideal place to make your purchase should be a store that exclusively sells area rugs and flooring. Such dealers will know the rug that is ideal for you.

3. With the right pad in your hands (refer to our list of tips on choosing the right pad), trim it 2 inches (5.1 cm) shorter than all the four sides of the rug. If, for instance, your rug measures 5*8, the pad should measure 4’6”*7’6”. Pad cutting is easy and you can do it using a pair of scissors.

4. Unless yours is an exceptionally small rug, at least two people will be needed to lay the rug and pad together. Of course, if it is a tiny rug you do not need any help and you can lay it on your own. To do this, first roll the rug up and put it aside. Proceed then to lay the rug pad where you intend to lay the rug. Bear in mind that the rug pad is slightly smaller than the rug.
5. You can now proceed to move the rug where the pad is. Please note that your rug will overlay the pad by 2 inches (5.1 cm) on all four sides. With the rug straight, proceed to unroll it slowly over the pad. If you are dealing with a small rug, you’ll notice that it is easy to pick up both the rug and the pad whenever the need arises for straightening. For large rugs, this might not be possible and what you need to do is to roll the rug back up and reposition it in the right way over the pad.

6. Damages to rugs and surface floors can be quite expensive to repair. The repair expenses are something you can avoid with proper care.

By following the above tips, you will definitely enjoy your rug with peace of mind!!

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