How to Protect Your Area Rugs and Surface Floor from Damage

Without proper care, area rugs and hard surface floors are prone to damage but you could prevent this potential hazard by fitting-in a non-slip under pad. How do you choose the right pad for your rug? The following tips will help you get the right rug.

rug-pad-11. Before you buy the pad, take the width and length measurements of your rug. Please note that these measurements DO NOT include the fringes of the rug. The store you purchase from could have rugs already cut or alternatively, they could cut yours to the size you desire. To get the correct size, make sure that you have your rug’s measurements when you go shopping.

2. Decide where to buy the rug. As you might be aware, rugs come in a wide range of varieties of quality and the best person to advise you on the best store to purchase from should be you trusted area rug cleaner. Your area rug cleaner will be able to tell you not only where to shop but also the quality of rug to go. Having done this before, he or she will already know the brand names that are trusted. The ideal place to make your purchase should be a store that exclusively sells area rugs and flooring. Such dealers will know the rug that is ideal for you.

3. With the right pad in your hands (refer to our list of tips on choosing the right pad), trim it 2 inches (5.1 cm) shorter than all the four sides of the rug. If, for instance, your rug measures 5*8, the pad should measure 4’6”*7’6”. Pad cutting is easy and you can do it using a pair of scissors.

4. Unless yours is an exceptionally small rug, at least two people will be needed to lay the rug and pad together. Of course, if it is a tiny rug you do not need any help and you can lay it on your own. To do this, first roll the rug up and put it aside. Proceed then to lay the rug pad where you intend to lay the rug. Bear in mind that the rug pad is slightly smaller than the rug.
5. You can now proceed to move the rug where the pad is. Please note that your rug will overlay the pad by 2 inches (5.1 cm) on all four sides. With the rug straight, proceed to unroll it slowly over the pad. If you are dealing with a small rug, you’ll notice that it is easy to pick up both the rug and the pad whenever the need arises for straightening. For large rugs, this might not be possible and what you need to do is to roll the rug back up and reposition it in the right way over the pad.

6. Damages to rugs and surface floors can be quite expensive to repair. The repair expenses are something you can avoid with proper care.

By following the above tips, you will definitely enjoy your rug with peace of mind!!

Excellent Lighting Trends to Look Out For

The lighting of a home plays a critical role in boosting the architectural ambience. It is for this reason that the trends are always dynamic; just like fashion. To this end, injecting some life into your home can be as simple as great light fixtures. Below is a list of excellent ideas that are simple enough for anyone to implement. They are trends as predicted by the leading industry stakeholders. Leading retailers in the market are some of the major trendsetters in the industry. You do not need to part with an arm or a leg to enjoy these looks for your home as you will discover below; they are simple and available.

15205-spacious-planners-photo-1-121. Refined industrial look

Trendsetters have been very keen on this new trend that is taking over. It is composed of a refined or upgraded industrial touch in addition to lamps. This trend is inspired by both warehouse and contemporary refinements to deliver a rich look. This is according to the press release of a leading home design company. In this regard, go for the modern industrial lighting that comes with rich tones with uncommon or alternative metals. This unique trend promises to last a few years because it is being received with utmost optimism. It is easy to incorporate into your home lighting system.

2. Malleable trend

This malleable metals look has been fronted by 2Moderns which is a leading modern home retailer. It is a 2016 trend that employs malleable pendant or chandelier. This retailer is customizing the look to suit the needs of individual clients. It is an exciting collection to say the least. This trend is expected to last a couple of years. Trendy products include Moois Heracleum or Rich Brilliant Palindrome Chanderlier as illustrated.

3. Color-play trend

Lighting trends in 2016 going forward have employed color-play dynamics to deliver different shades for different moods. According to Ingo Schaer of Interior Deluxe, customers are always looking for customizable looks in addition to high quality products. The crystal table lamp by Qis Design has delivered on this; because it changes from white to a much warmer tone depending on the user’s needs. High end retailers are offering a wide array of color options to the delight of many.

4. A geometrical approach

Geometric fixtures for lighting are in right now and according to Bellacor, this trend is not going away soon. The key to attaining this look is simplicity. The modern and classic can marry together for a versatile look. In this regard, this trend can transform your interiors in the way you want retaining minimalist aesthetic appeal.

lotus-lamp-by-hansong-kim25. Lighting inspired by nature

Nature as an inspiration for lighting design is enormously rich. From plants and leaf motifs to nature colors, this trend is hot. This approach adds life to bare spaces while challenging contemporary and many times cold styles. The Trend Forum at the Messe Frankfurt Light and Building show in Germany forecasted this trend. The forum is a trendsetter where lighting and building are concerned and designers to retailers and architects are always keen to know what will trend next.

Rustic Living Room Design Ideas

Are you thinking about that mountain cabin vacation, sitting in front of the fireplace as the snow falls outside?


You can transform your living room into a rustic lodge oasis, providing enjoyment throughout the year.


You don’t have to live in a cabin in the mountains to enjoy the comforts a rustic lodge or cabin style home provides . Your love of the outdoors and rustic furnishings is all you need to bring the mountain cabin into your living room.This warm and cozy decorating style captures the feel of the outdoors and brings it inside. Primitive accents combined with wood tones and bold colors create an inviting atmosphere.


Pop of color:

A lodge style home has a great deal of wood, and can become overwhelming if it is not tamed with the right color choices. Pops of color are needed to create the warm and relaxing atmosphere of a rustic lodge home. Wood style walls, floors and furniture should be combined with earth toned colors to create a cozy, cabin style cabin feel. Some color choices are:

  • Black
  • Bark brown
  • Navy Blue
  • Hunter green
  • Mustard yellow


Metals and decorations:

Metal decoration trims can bring a rustic style to your living room with metal light fixtures and picture frames. Use copper, tin and wrought iron to create a rustic feel and add texture to your space.



A traditional rustic or lodge style home has log walls, but this effect can be easily created with wood paneling. A cedar or knotty pine style paneling can be placed on the walls, or painting the walls in a natural style color can create a log cabin feel without the logs.



Wood style floors complete your rustic style living room. Reclaimed or distressed look wood floors are ideal, but a laminate replicate also works well. A variety of braided wool rugs add a rustic feel to your space, and warm tones including blues, greens and browns create a nice offset to wood tones. If you prefer something softer, A faux bearskin rug adds a cozy feel and a nice place to curl up on in front of the fireplace.



Rustic furniture should be natural and durable, but also provide comfort. Wooded frames and fabrics like denim or cotton are strong and comfortable. Add touches of color to offset the wood, like brightly colored pillows on the couch or a soft blanket tossed over the love seat for those cool winter evenings. Green, blue and burgundy colors compliment the rustic feel of your space. Some furniture choices are:


Look for lighting fixtures made of wrought iron, copper or aged brass. A large chandelier is a good choice for rustic5the living area, providing a textural element and impressive accent. Some other lighting suggestions are:

  • Wall sconces
  • Stained glass fixtures
  • Lampshades with animal motifs


It is easy to transform your living room into warm and inviting lodge style space to be enjoyed year round. Wood elements, rustic furnishings and a splash of color is all it takes to create the rustic lodge oasis of your dreams.

Steps To Decorate Your Living Room For Fall

Recognizing the passing of seasons is important, when it comes to your interior design choices.

Otherwise, time is simply moving forward, without enjoying each new season to the fullest extent possible. Yet, you may wonder how you can pay tribute to Autumn, by crafting your living room’s theme to match. Luckily, there are several methods that are easy to implement, which can have a significant impact on the look and feel of your living room.


Start With the Mantelpiece

When trying to imbue your living room with Fall spirit, it is a good idea to start with your mantelpiece. This is the centerpiece of your space and placing well-chosen accessories upon it won’t go unnoticed. For example, a garland crafted from Autumn leaves takes only a moment to hang, yet it instantly adds life to your room. Also, it brings in the colors of Fall with a minimum of effort – allowing you to play off this palette with your other accessory choices.


A good technique to layer the impact of your leaf garland, is to hang a strand of clear white lights in folds across the mantel. Or, you could entwine the garland instead, to truly make this piece stand out in an eye-catching way. This will give your living room a warm feeling even when you don’t have a fire going, making this room a sanctuary for your family to enjoy on dark Autumn nights.

If you want to bring the whole theme together, you may want to use seasonal produce as a decorative touch too. What could be more synonymous with Fall than a pumpkin, and you can pick pumpkins which are the right size for your particular mantelpiece. Squash is a good choice too, especially if you want to focus on yellow in your color scheme.


Finally, you can use glass candle holders to create a tremendous effect, by filling them with any number of harvest items. What can you include? You could choose candy corn to pay homage to Halloween, or even place in acorns gathered from your own yard. If you want to get the kids involved in your project this is an excellent way, as you can let them help you find acorns to use.

Table Talk

With your mantelpiece now finished with the appropriate touches, it is time to talk about tables. End tables can make a wonderful accent piece in your living room, and they give you more surfaces to accessorize. Pumpkins always work well as ornaments, or you may want to place glass bowls full of candy, acorns or even silk leaves. A good tip is to purchase small diameter garlands, set these down on your tables and place a pumpkin inside. This instantly creates an attractive centerpiece for any table – yet it only takes seconds to assemble.


Fun Flower Ideas

While flowers may not immediately come to mind when thinking of Fall, they always add color and richness to any room. You’ll want to steer clear of bright or brilliant choices, as these will clash with your more muted and earth-toned Autumn theme. Orange is a wonderful selection, though yellow works well too – particularly if you chose to use yellow squash rather than pumpkins elsewhere.

The colors of your flower vases are important as well, as you want them to blend nicely. Again, traditional Autumn colors are best, though you can opt for a high sheen finish if you want a touch of sophistication. If you pick strong enough colors and shapes for your vases, you can even skip the flowers altogether and use a simple bunch of small sticks instead. While this may sound a bit utilitarian, tie them together with a small amount of beautiful ribbon and you have a understated piece to enjoy.


A Cohesive Feel

Following the ideas covered above, you can now craft a cohesive Fall theme in your living room without hours of work. Just remember to focus on your color choices, and to pick ones that fit well with the Autumn atmosphere which you’re trying to create. Your leaf garlands will add depth to your room, giving the appearance that you spent a great deal of time on your design. Yet, you will have achieved an inviting Fall living room scheme in just a short time – allowing you the leisure to enjoy your new décor with your friends and family.


Amazing Winter Decorating Ideas For The Living Room

As usual, the winter season brings cold weather conditions such as blowing of chilly breeze, formation of frost on the grass, snow formation and certain cold weather related ailments. Overcoming this type of weather requires prior preparations that can warm up your living room.


You have to create sufficient warmth in your living room that can compensate for the cold outside. The warmth in a living room creates a welcoming environment where all the family can stay together and engage in a meaningful activity such as reading etc. Below are some of the best ideas to make your living room friendly even if it is in winter.


#1. Ensure all the floors and windows are covered.

Using a thick rug to keep your floors warm not only provides warmth but also acts as a playing ground for kids to watch or play games. For your seating area, a single large rug is recommended. However, you can still use two smaller rugs to make the main living area. The best ideas to create a warm rug include using; a faux sheepskin, an animal print rug that is coated over a rug in solid color wool , a thick wool contained in a light neutral like warm based gray or tan and country style braided rug.


Windows should also e covered with thick drapes so as to cut off the cold breeze. The drapes should be made of fabrics that have enough texture to maintain warmth. If you want to economize on the window coverings, you can use a blanket (thick) attached to a curtain rod with clips. The colors of the coverings should be deep with naturally inspired tomes such as barn red, pumpkin orange, eggplant, navy blue and dark green.


#2 Put The Fireplace At The Centre Of Your Room

During the time of the winter especially at night, rearrange your seating area such that the fireplace stays at the room’s central point.


Even if your living room lacks an ideal fireplace, you can install an electric unit. When the unit is on, all the heat shall be blown into the living room by the fan and keep the whole room warm.


To enhance the styles of the fireplace, you can include tools such as black wrought iron, bronze or brass. It should be noted that an electric fireplace is safer and secure to a young family with children.


#3.Use Warm Fabrics

In order to keep all the winter cold away, you need to have wooly fabrics that are thick and made in nature inspired colors. Cover the bed with fabrics, fleece, flannel covers and heavy wool. Some of the most recommended colors include brown, wine, deep green, winter white and tan. Furthermore, you might also consider having a couple of thick blankets over the couch in order to enjoy the night while engaging in other activities such as watching a movie.


The above three methods have been in use since time memorial to beat winter cold in style. You can also join the group by putting them into practice and definitely, all those winter colds will never worry you again.