Spacious small living rooms

Symmetry-in-a-small-living-roomFor a small living room to look spacious, strategies that trick the eye have to be developed to make the living rooms look bigger. Properly developed strategies can help in making great transformations of an area that feels cramped up into one that feels cozy and comfortable. The dicorations should be in a manner that maximise light and space and consider how to use color, scale and weight. This can bring out some difference.
Trying out new things is intresting. For a small space, the routine ideas about living room decor are not the best of options. Instead of using blinds on the windows, long, flowing drapes are the solution since they draw attention to vertical space expanding the area in the room.
A living room, no matter its size should serve as an a rea of relaxation and entertainment. These are some of the nice tips you can use to make a living room feel more spacious.

Effects from mirrors
Mirrors, strategically placed have often been used in small rooms to make them look larger. Hanging a large mirror at a central point in a small living room to create a focal point is a common practice in small living rooms. To reflect light and create a dazzling outlook in a room, place the mirror behind a source of light like candles or pendant lamps.You can also develope an illusion about another window by placing a mirrior across a window if achievable.

Atrract the eyes upwards
Rooms have both vertical and horizontal dimensions. A beautiful outlook can be developed from the extra space that exist in rooms with high ceiling. Proper dicorations of the space will help in creating a glamour that will atrract the eyes up. Using stylish floor-to-ceiling drapes will help achieve this.
Another technique that can be applied is tacking up the vertical space with tiny to midle size artwork. This will create a feeling of an increased size of a room than it actually is.This happens because the eyes are attracted above its natural levels in a room where they are almost always confined.

Neutral living room colors
The colors on the walls, floor and furniture in a small living room should be neutral to help create an effect of a large room. It is one of the commonly used practices. White palatte or beiges make the walls appear like they are pushed back. Sleek hues reflect light nicely illuminating the rooms. This does not only help in creating space but it also helps in creating a cool environment with the nice color effects.

fe8e4e8d30bc5cb8056a1da80887dcfcSleek,minimal furniture
While shoppiong, the sizes, visual weght and colors of the furniture for a small living room should be a matter of keen intrest. The best options are pieces with light weight appearance and design which will create the required space. Havier pieces will cause unwanted congestion that we are trying to eliminate.
Pale colors have advantage over dark ones. Pick the pieces with legs and avoid those that look boxy. Glass cofee tables or end tables occupy a less visual space than wooden tables since they are transparent. They help in making a living room look more spaciuos since they dont obstruct views.

Small scale furniture option
The strategies on making small living room look spacious would not be superbly complete without the best options on furniture that will not have dominion over space in the living room. A sofa should in this case have thin arms and its back tightiy upholsterd as oppossed to one with bulky arms and multi-cushion back.
Considering the omount of space, one can completly do away with the couch. A loveseat or four chairs around a cofee table can be provide a brilliant solution. The selected chairs should be armless to save space that would be occupied by those models with arms.

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