Steps To Decorate Your Living Room For Fall

Recognizing the passing of seasons is important, when it comes to your interior design choices.

Otherwise, time is simply moving forward, without enjoying each new season to the fullest extent possible. Yet, you may wonder how you can pay tribute to Autumn, by crafting your living room’s theme to match. Luckily, there are several methods that are easy to implement, which can have a significant impact on the look and feel of your living room.


Start With the Mantelpiece

When trying to imbue your living room with Fall spirit, it is a good idea to start with your mantelpiece. This is the centerpiece of your space and placing well-chosen accessories upon it won’t go unnoticed. For example, a garland crafted from Autumn leaves takes only a moment to hang, yet it instantly adds life to your room. Also, it brings in the colors of Fall with a minimum of effort – allowing you to play off this palette with your other accessory choices.


A good technique to layer the impact of your leaf garland, is to hang a strand of clear white lights in folds across the mantel. Or, you could entwine the garland instead, to truly make this piece stand out in an eye-catching way. This will give your living room a warm feeling even when you don’t have a fire going, making this room a sanctuary for your family to enjoy on dark Autumn nights.

If you want to bring the whole theme together, you may want to use seasonal produce as a decorative touch too. What could be more synonymous with Fall than a pumpkin, and you can pick pumpkins which are the right size for your particular mantelpiece. Squash is a good choice too, especially if you want to focus on yellow in your color scheme.


Finally, you can use glass candle holders to create a tremendous effect, by filling them with any number of harvest items. What can you include? You could choose candy corn to pay homage to Halloween, or even place in acorns gathered from your own yard. If you want to get the kids involved in your project this is an excellent way, as you can let them help you find acorns to use.

Table Talk

With your mantelpiece now finished with the appropriate touches, it is time to talk about tables. End tables can make a wonderful accent piece in your living room, and they give you more surfaces to accessorize. Pumpkins always work well as ornaments, or you may want to place glass bowls full of candy, acorns or even silk leaves. A good tip is to purchase small diameter garlands, set these down on your tables and place a pumpkin inside. This instantly creates an attractive centerpiece for any table – yet it only takes seconds to assemble.


Fun Flower Ideas

While flowers may not immediately come to mind when thinking of Fall, they always add color and richness to any room. You’ll want to steer clear of bright or brilliant choices, as these will clash with your more muted and earth-toned Autumn theme. Orange is a wonderful selection, though yellow works well too – particularly if you chose to use yellow squash rather than pumpkins elsewhere.

The colors of your flower vases are important as well, as you want them to blend nicely. Again, traditional Autumn colors are best, though you can opt for a high sheen finish if you want a touch of sophistication. If you pick strong enough colors and shapes for your vases, you can even skip the flowers altogether and use a simple bunch of small sticks instead. While this may sound a bit utilitarian, tie them together with a small amount of beautiful ribbon and you have a understated piece to enjoy.


A Cohesive Feel

Following the ideas covered above, you can now craft a cohesive Fall theme in your living room without hours of work. Just remember to focus on your color choices, and to pick ones that fit well with the Autumn atmosphere which you’re trying to create. Your leaf garlands will add depth to your room, giving the appearance that you spent a great deal of time on your design. Yet, you will have achieved an inviting Fall living room scheme in just a short time – allowing you the leisure to enjoy your new décor with your friends and family.


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